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The Importance of Apostolos Makrakis To Orthodoxy

The Turkish overlords left behind them a desolate Greece when the revolting Greeks forced them to withdraw permanently in 1829. Four-hundred years of Turkish subjugation had despoiled the one-time glorious land of the grandeur of its Byzantine civilization and on the morrow of independence Greece was found facing the challenge of cultural rehabilitation. She foundContinue reading “The Importance of Apostolos Makrakis To Orthodoxy”

The Preterist’s Misinterpretation of the Kingdom of God

Full Preterists (i.e. those so-called biblical experts who believe all prophecies were fulfilled with the 70 AD destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, including the Second Coming of Christ and General Resurrection) often seem to fail to understand phrases like “this generation”, “not taste death until,” “Kingdom of God” which was to come on theContinue reading “The Preterist’s Misinterpretation of the Kingdom of God”

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