Hope Resurrected: A Refutation of the Heresy of Full Preterism

This work by Eastern Orthodox author Lance Conley provides a complete refutation to the growing heresy known as Full Preterism. Full Preterism is an eschatological belief system that promotes the idea that all prophecies were fulfilled with the 70 AD destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, including the Second Coming of Christ and the Resurrection of the Dead. This treatise examines the history of full preterism and analyzes the works of today’s most popular full preterist works by Alan Bondar, Max King, Don K. Preston and Edward Stevens. This refutation is a “must-read” for any Christian struggling with the heresies found in this particular brand of eschatology, or anyone considering joining the full preterist movement due to their disillusionment with Futurism/Dispensationalism. For the latest information on the latest refutations against the Full Preterist heresy, visit the Hope Resurrected blog page: https://www.hoperesurrected.com/.

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