The Orthodox Christian Witness in East Africa: Historical, Ecclesiological and Theological Approach


Father Anastasios Kihali provides a complete historical analysis of how the African Orthodox Church was founded in East Africa through the early movements under British rule in the early 1900s until the later Greek missionary movements, with focus on the nations of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The purpose of this research study is to provide a vital scientific tool into the AOC Mission in Africa, with an overview of its background and birth, its mission history, and the current issues and canonical challenges impeding the growth of Orthodoxy in Africa. It is the sincere hope of Father Anastasios Kihali that this extensive and groundbreaking work will lead the Orthodox peoples of Africa into a constructive dialogue with one another regarding the current state of the Orthodox Ecclesia. From personal experience and witness through his own missionary work in Albania, Fr. Anastasios suggests that Albania’s revival of Orthodoxy in the early 1990s can serve as a model for missionary success in East Africa. Father Anastasios is therefore a much-needed voice crying in the wilderness for Orthodoxy in the 21st Century, and the reader will find that many solutions proposed to the current issues are also equally applicable to other Diasporas and Missions such as those within the Americas.

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